An Interview With An Interviewee

Getting the prefect subjects to interview for your project may not come as easy as you think. At times you may encounter subject who just do not want to talk. To be fair, it’s their own right not to be interviewed since people in general are wary of outsiders. But if your subject it integral to your story, the guide below may help you getting your crucial interview:

1. Don’t use the word interview – it could be intimidating. Instead say you would like a chat as it sounds less daunting but make sure they know it will be caught on film.

2. Be intuitive to your subject’s feelings. Find out the reason for the apprehension and help them overcome their fears and concerns.

3. If you subject says they do not have the time; keep offering them a suitable time or place that is to their convenience and be accommodating towards their needs.

4. There will be many occasions that your subject will be afraid to appear in a bad light but you need to reiterate that their point of view is integral to the project’s outcome.

5. When your subject plays the “No Comment” card make sure to repeat how important their feedback is. If it still goes nowhere ask for ideas for other potential sources.

6. If your source is someone in a position of power or an official who are protected make sure to be unrelenting by calling, writing, emailing or just turning up but try to find common connections as mediators.

7. Be sure that they know that the story will go ahead with or without their feedback so their participation will actually be their opportunity to be heard.

8. Everyone has a pride or ego so find it and appeal to it. They all have something special and unique to bring to the table so call attention to their distinctiveness.

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