A Day In A Life Of An Indie Producer

Big time producers have it easy, indie producers not so. More often then never their lives and work overlap or sometimes they bring their work back to home or their personal life gets invaded with work.

The distinguishing factor between a big time producer and an indie producer is how committed indie producers are in their projects because it’s the only way they can be made.

In the world of independent producers one will often come across those with either a) experience or b) money. When they both meet; the one with the money gains experience and the one with experience gains some money.

The independent film community is one that is encouraging and safe where everyone has deep connections and connections of trust with each other. A first encounter with this group is bound to be a turning point that builds outcomes later on.

There are many things to learn, such as big shot consultants who prey on the innocent and desperate indie producer who actually have nothing substantial to offer except manipulation. Its is an experience that every indie producer has gone through in their career.

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