iPhone 5 Preorders Causes Delivery Delay

The brand spanking new iPhone 5 will only be officially available on September 21st 2012 but the preorder demands have already exceeded over 2 million units. The new phone which was unveiled during a presentation by Tim Cook recently has already broken the previous records according to Apple with preorders doubling the 1million for iPhone 4S and 600,000 units for iPhone 4.

Expected sales figures by analysts foresaw that for the first 24 hours of the preorder window which began at might PT on Friday to be in the area of 1.3 million to 1.5 million.

The deliveries of some customers orders will be delayed well into October but somehow news of this had no affect on the stock price for Apple which rose during trading and came near to closing in on a 52 week high as it neared 700$ per share.

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