Standardized School Tests: An Introduction

A few come to mind, PSAT, a practice test that measures your scholastic strength, ACT witch is taken by students at high school. It is made up of about 215 questions on English, reading skills, mathematical abilities, and science.  AP, and two SAT test types that examine on specific subject and the other is a scholastic assessments.

Overall the first good step is to learn how to deal with anxiety: Do you go blank or freeze up when you really need to perform? Sure no one is born to take exam without preparation. Taking practice tests is an excellent way to improve your exam time confidence.

Eat well, healthy and make sure you have a good breakfast on the exam day. Before you even do this; have a good night’s rest the night. These two preparation items alone will ensure the best chance for you to be alert through your exams.

Together with a good study plan (that does not consist of cramming) that stars early you will maximize your chances during the crunch time.

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