SATs, Smart Techniques Over Knowledge

You do not have to be the smartest kid in your class to score well on SATs. If you got Cs and Bs all throughout school you still can score as well as the student who scored As all through school; if you use good techniques for every section of your SAT exam then you can deliver an impressive score even if you are weak with some of the subjects being tested.

First of all you will find multiple choice problems on the test and if good exam methodology is used then you will answer more questions correctly within the time on the test. The beauty of multiple choice questions is that you always have a shot to get it right. Even if you suddenly realized you were ‘napping that day in class’ and have no clue. The right answer is right there, you just have to recognize it.

At times multiple choice questions allow you to recognize the right answer and not spend the time getting all the way there from scratch. Another benefit of multiple choice questions is that they allow you to score well despite the depth of your knowledge on the subject. As a bonus for the weak spellers these types of questions count no loss of marks for poor spelling or grammar.

It is not your IQ but your ability to use logic and deduction techniques. Start by eliminating the answers that do not fit the question.

One technique for math section with ascending answers is to start with choice C. If the answer given in choice C is too large then look up the scale to answer B choice. If B is also too high then test the answer A, and of course you should go in the other direction if required.

In the verbal section look out for keywords and study the associated vocabulary beforehand. You will often spot keywords that are standard throughout the standardized test of the flavor you are taking. Practice to recognize these so you will answer the exact question being asked.

Sitting your SAT exam you should not stubbornly spend a lot of time on the hard questions, if you cannot solve it in the suggested timeframe you should just take an educated guess and move on. Your chances of getting it right increase taking a guess rather than leaving it blank are statistically greater.

Chances are even if you draw a complete blank on a question you will still be able to eliminate some obviously incorrect answers. It is likely that by just using this deduction process on the showstopper question you will be left with two or three choices to pick from. Now you went from 25 percent chance of getting a guess right to perhaps 50 or better.

Finally scoring well on your SATs is not just driven by your knowledge of the subject, it is also based on how advanced your test taking skills are. So add these techniques to your arsenal for a better exam taking results and best of luck to you from everyone here at True Hero Studio with your exams.

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