Drawing Borders

When attending a multiple choice time limited test, one is expected to operate with the provided info fairly quickly. Drawing conclusions based on the recently acquired data in timely manner is something that all those GRE, SAT, GMAT etc. tests … Continue reading

Calculations of Averages

The mathematical section of a standardized test includes various types of questions. Some of them (a minority) are “conventional” questions, which can be relatively easily dealt with by anyone familiar with school algebra. A vast majority of the questions, however, … Continue reading

Calculate Faster Without a Calculator

With most of calculations nowadays done with the aid of a calculator (or another computer tool, such as excel), there is little surprise in the fact that student’s ability to calculate by heart has deteriorated immensely during the last two … Continue reading

Multiple Choice Time Limited Tests: Is there value?

One of the aspects of standardized tests (such as SAT, TOEFFL, GMAT etc.) is the necessity to make all the calculations involved either in your head or with the aid of pen and paper. Another thing is solving questions under … Continue reading

Answering the CORRECT Question

Many of us fear the multiple choice time limited tests – the kinds of GRE, GMAT, SAT and such. The reason for this fear is quite understandable – those tests have a serious effect over our “final score” that serves … Continue reading

Typically Untypical Questions

There many various exams that we have to undertake during our study years. Those include easy tests, serious exams and graduation examinations. In addition to all those, when we one is seeking to continue his education beyond high school (and … Continue reading

Is Time Really That Important

When we are about to take our education to the next level, we are certain to face a series of various tests and examination. In addition to graduation exams, there is always some kind of this annoying Multiple Choice Time … Continue reading

Multiple Choice Time Limited Tests – What They Really ARE About

Through our quest for education, we are required to pass different tests. Some are more important, some are less crucial. In their constant search for the most objective way to identify one’s skills, researches in different countries have reached similar … Continue reading

Make the Provided Answers Work for You

There are many various tests that we have to undertake in our lives. Of all those tests, some stand out as being crucial to our educational progress. GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, SAT – and many more of a kind comprise a … Continue reading

Working with Fractions

The standardized tests – the likes of GRE, SAT, GMAT, TOEFFL etc. – exist in various countries all over the world. Over he years, the have proved themselves as one of the better tools to assess one’s ability to successfully … Continue reading

Exam Time Management Techniques

Exam Time Management Techniques Admission for most US colleges and universities requite candidates to sit one or more standardized test types. SAT and other standardized tests like GRE, ACT and GMAT depending on your application. For English-as-a-second-language countries TOEFL is … Continue reading

Exams are stressful: How to deal with them effectively

Examinations can be nerve racking. We take exams throughout our school years and often continue well past our graduations, often in order to advance in our respective fields. So how do you get through exam time without battle scars? Stress … Continue reading

Standardised Tests and their History

Throughout the United States and for most part the rest of the world just about everyone has taken a standardised test in their life or will be required to in the future. In United States alone it is common to … Continue reading

SATs, Smart Techniques Over Knowledge

You do not have to be the smartest kid in your class to score well on SATs. If you got Cs and Bs all throughout school you still can score as well as the student who scored As all through … Continue reading

Standardized School Tests: An Introduction

A few come to mind, PSAT, a practice test that measures your scholastic strength, ACT witch is taken by students at high school. It is made up of about 215 questions on English, reading skills, mathematical abilities, and science.  AP, … Continue reading