We make cool, useful stuff for you!

We love creative concepts, continuous evolution and attention to detail. We love functional, beautiful and seamless design while keeping in mind the human element. We continually explore and create fresh ideas with high value proposition.

True Hero Studio lives on the bleeding edge of emerging technologies in the entertainment space. Focused on delivering a delightful solution for you on your favourite mobile platform.

Since 1998, the founders of True Hero Studio have been working together. We all met while doing our engineering degrees in Sydney, Australia. We always had an idea of starting something cool, something wonderful, something to make an impact. Fast forward a little and an opportunity, market, industry involvement and connections aligned and the Studio was born.


We work with remarkable team players who share our values and our drive to be first, fast and coolest. We promise an open team environment where you can be honest, direct and supportive. We require collaboration and, at the same time, robust debate.

By nature, we are externally focused and we are determined to stay that way. This means constantly scanning developments that affect our business, and acting on that information to surprise and delight our customers. Innovation is woven into the fabric of our company. We strive to make the extraordinary happen, and we mean it. Courageous thinking, we look at the big picture and focusing on the toughest, most complex challenges facing our world today.

We look for people who are inspired

People who have integrity. They do what’s right in both relationships and results. They are honest and trustworthy, collaborate and build commitment, to take action.

People who have courage. They stand up for what they believe. They are candid and straightforward. They are not afraid to lead. They are committed to excellence.

People who are passionate, authentic and innovative. They look at situations from fresh perspectives and generate innovative ideas. They are energetic and excited about the opportunities to shape the future of our unique and powerful brand.